Real Life Testimonies...

Thousands of youth have been impacted by the Men of Honor and Ladies of Honor program. Whether through one of our life-changing camps or simply through our weekly curriculum lessons, youth are making decisions to lead a better life.



My life has changed greatly since camp - I am a new man. The messages were powerful and amazing...

After camp it was hard not going back to my old life. Right when I stepped off the bus I was challenged to go back. I forced myself not to go back. And later at school I was tempted to curse, talk back, and disrespect authority - but I didn't! The whole day everyone was saying "you're different." I AM A WINNER, I AM A MAN OF HONOR!




I want to say again how much I appreciate all that the Men of Honor group has meant to Jamieson! You can not put a price on the principles he is learning through your leadership and in this group.

I had a young father ask me about the group and was very impressed with the principles I told him that were being passed down to the boys through the Men of Honor. I am not sure if there are any of the Men of Honor groups in this area of the city. I'm sure there would be several men at our church that would love their sons to be in such a group.

THANKS for your leadership and for the vision of this group!




At school, I was bullied...people told me nobody liked me, and that I should just kill myself. Then I heard about a group called The Ladies of Honor. They taught me that I am loved, and I am beautiful...I am extraordinary!"


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05.15.15The Annual Honor Classic Golf Tournament, brought to you by Milestone Electric and Baker Brothers Plumbing, is scheduled for May 15th at Woodbridge Golf Club, 9:00 AM. To register to play or Sponsor now CLICK HERE.

Honor Academy Launched! We are proud to announce the rollout of Honor Academy, our character education program suitable for public schools and community center programs. CLICK HERE.



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